Three rewarding ways to participate in #WorldHoneyBeeDay

You eat food, right?

And since you’re a fan of beelove® honey and our apiaries, you know that honeybees are responsible for pollinating around 35% of our food crops. For many of them, their presence improves yields by 10 to 40%.

In the face of unprecedented environmental challenges, we’d like to encourage you to take the opportunity to support our winged, hard-working friends!

Once per year, the beekeeping community comes together to celebrate, appreciate, and raise awareness for the honeybee, beekeeping and in recent years, the role they play in our food system.

This year, #WorldHoneyBeeDay is on August 18th.

This day isn’t just for those of us who work with our buzzing buddies. There are plenty of ways that you can participate as well!

Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers

Do you have a garden or balcony where you can put a few planters? A great way to celebrate #WorldHoneyBeeDay is to plant bee-friendly flowers!

Sandra Mason over at the University of Illinois has a great article about curating your garden or flowerbed to be more bee friendly, but a great place to start is with a few beautiful flowers that bees can happily pollinate (without intruding on you!).

Wild Roses, sunflowers, bellflowers, foxglove, and butterfly weed are all aesthetically pleasing flowers that bees love too!

Let People Know

Next, use your social platform to tell your friends and family about #WorldHoneyBeeDay, and about the importance of honey bees.

Check out our post about the honey bee in America to learn more about their history in our country.

Shop Locally

We may be a bit biased, but we think one of the best ways to celebrate on this amazing holiday is by supporting your local beekeepers! There are a lot of folks through the US that make honey locally, and we encourage you to use this helpful tool from Bee Culture to find a beekeeper near you.

If you’re in Chicago, we would love to have you check out our little store at

Time to celebrate!

Now that you know a little more about this awesome day, take your knowledge and use it to have a great #WorldHoneyBeeDay!


Neila Adams